Wooden Coating

Wooden Coating

Overlay of wooden surface is known as wood coatings. It improves the life of the surface underneaths and beautifies it. Polyurethane-based wood coatings provide a glossy or matte finish to your furniture or any other wooden surface like almirah, cabinets etc. LMS Coatings offers a wide choice of wood coatings, including clear, pigmented, and special effects such as glittery, marble, and many others. including clear, pigmented, and special effects such as glittery, marble, and many others.

Pigmented Finish

Our tinting system enables the selection of options over 5000 color shades for use in both the interior and exterior areas. Here as well we have Polyurethane pigmented finish (PU), Water-based pigmented finish, and Polyester pigmented finish. Pigmented Primer, Pigmented Matte Top Coat, Pigmented Glass Top Coat.

Acrylic Finish

High transparency, non-yellowing properties, and excellent resistance characterize this advanced polyurethane. Its UV filters help to keep the color of the wood from changing.  Acrylic Clear Sealer  Acrylic Clear Matte Top-Coat  Acrylic Clear Glass Top-Coat  Pigmented Gloss Top Coat.

Polyurethane (PU) Pigmented Finish

Our distinctive Polyurethane (PU) Pigmented Finishes provide a desirable colorful finish as well as robust protection for your wood. Our services and products are:-  Pigmented Primer  Pigmented Matte Top Coat  Pigmented Glass Top Coat.


The polyester coating method results in a high level of wood filling and toughness. It has a one-of-a-kind combination of rapid drying, stunning brightness, and flexibility. It's used to keep the thickness of a wood coating consistent.  Polyester Base Coat  Polyester Non-Yellow Top Coat  Polyester Marble Top Coat

We specialize in professional coatings for wood, floor, metal, glass, and other surfaces. We offer a wide choice of coatings to help you enhance your ambiance.