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We set the trends of modern living.

Since 1969, LMS Coatings is a renowned wooden coating company in India, with an office in the heart of West Delhi. LMS coatings have a wide range of wooden coatings, wall paints, metal coatings, glass coatings, and floor coatings that can be customized to meet your needs. We focus on professional coatings for craftsmen and industry to deliver complete pleasure. We also look to the future of new technological inventions and updates based on market demands and existing regulations, while also considering health and environmental impact.


High performance is offered for all surfaces to be painted, including wood, metal, glass, plastic, and composites, using a variety of unique technologies.


LMSCoatings operates a raw materials testing facility where all raw materials are tested to ensure a high quality standard. Every industrial cycle can be verified thanks to contemporary research devices


LMSCoatings have team of craftsman to execute the common goal to satisfy the customers wants and need across the globe.

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We specialize in professional coatings for wood, floor, metal, glass, and other surfaces. We offer a wide choice of coatings to help you enhance your ambiance.