Special Effects

Special Effects

Special effects Coating brings a designer aspect to your plain surface and gives it a distinctive aesthetic appeal. These coatings differ significantly from traditional coatings. We have a large selection of special effect finishes, ranging from various metallic effects to pearl, stainless steel, crackle, texture finish, marble finish, soft touch coating, and so on.


Crackle perfectly complements the audacity of the distressed look. One can choose any color in the base and sit back and relax whereas watching the color play with itself.

Velvet Effect

Feel the softness of velvet with our velvet touch effect. Velvet-effect paint gives an unbeatable decorative effect, paving the way for new interior-design solutions with tactile walls that are sure to draw attention due to their refinement and elegance.

Marble Effect

Marble is a solvent-based product that is used to create a marble-like appearance on wood. We have a wide range of products that you can use as the base and feel the richness of marble on your wood.

Hammertone Effect

Hammered finish paint, also known as hammertone, is a specialized coating that dries with a surface that resembles hammered metal. The Hammer tone effect gives the surface an irregular appearance. This irregularity adds to the beauty of the effect.

Leafing Effect

Leafing aluminium pigments are made up of fine aluminium flakes that have been surface treated in such a way that they flow to the surface of the substrate during paint application and align themselves. Leafing pigments are used in corrosion protection and aesthetic coatings to generate a silver and Golden "metallic look.

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