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Frequently Asked Question

Can the products be applied during the rainy season? +

Well, every product has its own drying time. And it’s quite risky to paint during the rainy season. If in case, you go ahead with the painting and it rains heavily, not allowing enough time for the paint to dry, you might have to face problems. Hence, we recommend you observe the weather condition and then go ahead with painting.

What is the purpose of coating? +

LMS Coatings offers long-lasting coatings that serve to maintain the product's underneath surface while also improving its appearance.

Why coatings are expensive? +

The coating is a one-time cost that pays off in the long run by ensuring longevity.

What types of finishes do you have available? +

LMS Coatings offers gloss, matte, and mirror-like finishes in two types of finishes: pigmented and clear.

What colors are there to choose from? +

We have an infinite colors variety, as well as a color scanner that allows you to send us any material or color shade and we'll make it available.

What is the best place to apply? +

Every surface, we believe, should be coated to protect it and improve its appearance

Does LMS offer applicators? +

We do not provide applicators, but we do recommend them.

What are the localities where LMS's products are delivered? +

LMS distributes its products PAN India.

We specialize in professional coatings for wood, floor, metal, glass, and other surfaces. We offer a wide choice of coatings to help you enhance your ambiance.