Our Product

Wooden Coating

Wooden coatings are the coating that are applied over any wooden surface to protect it form sun , grease , water and dust. It improves the life of the surface underneath and gives a beautiful appearance. LMS offers wide range of wood coatings.

Wall Paints

Wall paints are any pigmented liquid or liquifiable that after drying gives beautiful finish. LMS provides both interior and exterior wall paints . They are used to protect the surface, and outdoor paints are much thicker than interior paints since they provide longer durability and UV protection.

Metal Coating

LMS encompasses a wide selection of metal coatings. Metal coatings are corrosion resistant, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance are all qualities of a coating forming a protective layer on any metal surface and preventing rusting caused by external forces. A thin film of protection is added to the metal by coating it.

Glass Coating

Glass coatings are comprised of silicon dioxide. This substance does not react or adhere to the paint. A resin component holds the paint and glass coating together. Coatings a glass are done for a variety of reasons, such as safety, convenience, and better stability. LMS offers a wide range of glass coating colours and patterns.

Floor Coating

LMS Coating offers a diverse selection of floor coatings. Floor coatings are durable, protective coverings that are applied to surfaces that are subjected to heavy wear and tear or where corrosion is suspected. Floor coating installation is quick and easy, with no need for a layout, additional adhesive cutting, or special tools or equipment. It creates a smooth, long-lasting surface.

We specialize in professional coatings for wood, floor, metal, glass, and other surfaces. We offer a wide choice of coatings to help you enhance your ambiance.